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Polar Audio Ltd.


Ecommerce Design & Development


Axis Diplomat | Ensemble | Algolia

A handsomely designed website for Polar, an established trade supplier of music and audio visual equipment, which fully integrates with their in-house business systems. They said it couldn’t be done. We did it.

"When we saw Ecce’s other work with ecommerce integration, we knew they were the company for us to partner with. We’ve been massively impressed with their skill and development knowledge, and are looking forward to positive results from our new site’" - John Midgley, Owner, Polar Audio

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The Challenge

Polar’s problem is one we see regularly. Over the years they have heavily invested and become wedded to their in-house systems. These tools are the heartbeat of their operation, managing all their product, client and business processes. They wanted to be able to leverage this capability to create a consumer & trade ecommerce website, however it was a case of trying to shoehorn their aspirations into a pretty limiting “out of the box” offering. That’s where we step in.

The Solution

We demonstrated to the Polar team how, for other clients, we’d been able to integrate our own ensemble ecommerce platform with other ‘closed’ systems. We created a proof of concept to indeed confirm that this would be the case here too. They loved the way we solved the problem, so a full website was commissioned. We took Axis Diplomat (their product, client and order management tool) to create a beautifully designed, responsive website. Back-end and front end working in perfect harmony, resulting in an ultra-streamlined business catering for modern tech shoppers.


Why ecce?

We can coax systems to get to work together when others won't.
We understand what needs to gel to make your business successful.
We can make back-end development as sexy as front-end design.

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