What we do

Key to all our work

Web development is our business. It’s how we transform inspired ideas into ingenious digital solutions. We do this by improving businesses’ existing websites and applications or by building something brand new.

Future-proof client investmentIcon illustrating the importance of future proof design and development

Future-proof client investment

We want you to break the cycle of re-designing from scratch every few years. We provide products that are easy to maintain and that will grow with your business.

solid strategy iconBuild with a solid strategySolid StrategyHow all ecce.'s design and development work is based on a solid strategy

Build with a solid strategy

A lot of thought goes into making something useful and engaging. We guide you through any tricky decisions, pinpointing what your business needs rather than what’s nice-to-have, to make your budget work harder.

Design with impactecce.'s Design with real impact philosophy

Design with real impact

Whilst we design beautiful solutions for your screen, the impact for your customers runs deeper than surface sheen. We make products to improve your customers’ experience and with that, your bottom line.

Development focusAll of ecce.'s design and development work is completed in house.

Development focus

We don’t cut corners by outsourcing development work. When you speak with our team you’re dealing directly with the developers responsible for your code.

Our projects tend to be big, bespoke and complex.

Building you the best solution involves a wide variety of techniques and expertise:


Information architectureContent and usability are key to a easy to use and navigate website

Information architecture

We immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses to make sure all calls to action are correctly signposted. Our considered, consistent organisation and labelling of web content helps visitors better navigate your site.

Wireframing and prototypingecce.'s process of wireframing to help plan and prove assumptions quickly

Wireframing and prototyping

We test and validate design decisions early and often. We use a combination of low-detail outlines and interactive prototypes to get a feel for using your product and to confirm our assumptions.

Digital brandingThe importance of consistent branding accross all digital platforms

Digital branding

Whether designing a new identity or working within existing guidelines, we make your brand look its best across everything from your favicon to your Facebook page.

User interface designThe art and importance of designing for your users.

User interface design (UI)

We make products for people to use. We leave time to focus on the end user, to better structure the interface and help them achieve their goals.


Front-end developmentecce.'s front end development process.

Front-end development

We build websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript. We employ latest technologies to best effect but also make sure your visitors on older browsers aren’t left behind.

Backend developmentecce.'s backend development process.

Backend development

We code the rules and logic that manages and manipulates your data using frameworks developed in-house: talk to us and you deal directly with the team responsible. We keep it jargon-free, but if tech-speak is your thing, we’re talking PHP, NodeJS, Redis, ASP, MySQL and Mongo.

Backend developmentecce.'s bespoke ecommerce solutions.5126 8123 9876 5677

E-commerce solutions

We have a decade’s experience increasing sales across diverse industries, from furniture to fine art. Key to our client’s success is the bespoke design and build of both the front and back end to suit the client and their customers alike.

Systems integrationecce. regularly integrate with third-party systems

Systems integration

We find smart ways to get critical information into as well as out of tools that businesses use as part of their daily work flow.


Responsive designThe importance of responsive designs and a mobile first approach

Responsive design

We make your site adapt to suit your visitor’s screen size, removing the need for a separate mobile-only version of your content.

Web/hybrid app developmentecce. can help you build 'an app for that'

Web/hybrid app development

We strive to reduce the development time of mobile apps by shifting much of the implementation back to core web technologies of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Mobile brand strategyImportance of mobile branding and how ecce. can help

Mobile brand strategy

From the look of your logo as it pins to a smartphone homescreen, to making your brand stand out from the crowd in the App store, we consider all your needs.


Governanceecce. continue to help develop a product long after launch


We strive to maintain the momentum from product launch into the future to maximise the return on investment. We help clients through this ongoing challenge with regular reviews and guidance.

Analytics and measurementHow we use analytics to make decisions and mesure sucess

Analytics and measurement

We gauge a project’s success by monitoring, measuring and improving upon its performance. To do that we suggest the KPIs that need defining, the data worth collecting, and the tools to use when analysing the outcomes.

Training & documentationecce. provide ongoing training to support our clients and products we create

Training & documentation

We want our clients to make the most of the new web tools we provide to best fulfill their new roles and responsibilities. We can train teams remotely or on-site at our Otford offices.


solid strategy iconBuild with a solid strategySolid StrategyHow all ecce.'s design and development work is based on a solid strategy

Content strategy

We establish what you need to make your website live and grow. We identify the people best suited to produce this content and plot when they produce it.

Research and auditOur process of Plan, Build, Test, Repeat

Research and audit

Before we build, we assess both the business and the idea. We combine things like interviews with stakeholders and audits of competitors to expand upon the initial ideas and help avoid any potential pitfalls further down the line.

Editorial planning/strategyecce. can help you plan and prioritise your time when creating content to support your business

Editorial planning/strategy

We believe the highest quality content is produced in-house. By establishing roles and responsibilities we can prioritise your staff’s precious time. By setting out an editorial calendar we can ensure that high quality content continues after launch.

Tone of voiceConsistency is key for a clear message to be delivered across all your content

Tone of voice

We know it’s not unusual for content creation to be split across different members of your staff. We help keep everyone’s distinct writing styles consistent with your core brand values by establishing guidelines and examples to follow.

Still need more reasons to develop with ecce.?

We love to work on innovative, bespoke projectsWe would to work with you on creating a unique and successful project.

We love to work on innovative, bespoke projects

Not every creation fits the CMS mould. We thrive on making the product that best fits your unique idea.

Wide range of backgroundsWe are a diverse bunch and bring a wide range of experience to your project.

Wide range of backgrounds

Some solutions benefit from drawing on our wider skills. From the financial markets and retail, to pulling beers or oil exploration (as well as traditional agencies) our team’s experience goes beyond art school.

Punch above our weightWe never settle for second place

Punch above our weight

Whilst we choose to be a small, close-knit team it doesn’t prevent us delivering large design-agency results.

Trusted by our customers for over a decadeWe have customers dating back over 10 years

Trusted by our customers for over a decade

We continue to collaborate with long-standing customers large and small as their online business needs evolve and expand.

Securing your systems is routineYour data is our number 1 priority and all our process are iso 9001 certificate for your peace of mind

Securing your systems is routine

We understand the importance of safeguarding your mission-critical data. It’s why our processes for keeping your systems up and always available are ISO 9001 certified and reviewed regularly.

Award-winning processesWe don't like to brag, but we have picked up the odd award

Award-winning processes

In addition to happy customers, we’ve picked up the odd award over the years.

Proven track recordWe can justify all your claims with real numbers and case studies to back them up

Proven track record

Whether helping an underperforming business convert missed sales or providing a start up business with the tools to grow to £500K turnover in just two years, we have real figures and case-studies behind our claims.