How We Work

Key to our approach

Our success is a result of the way we work. Our processes combine years of tried and trusted experience, external auditing and industry best practice.

CollaborationWe like to work as a team and understand that great success come from collaboration


Good work doesn’t get made in isolation. All members of the design and development team engage and contribute equally with our client on a project.

Business FocusOur solutions are build to solve your problems

Business Focus

We build solutions to business problems where returning a client’s investment is key to all project decisions. We gauge success by setting clear, measurable indicators.

IterativeIcon illustrating ecce.'s process of design, testing and refinement


Web design is an iterative process. That means we’ll cycle through design, testing and refinement before we launch.

The Process

Whilst no two web development projects are the same, most share these common stages and milestones:

01. Research

ConsultationNo one knows your business better then you. So we work closely together to understand your business and develop the best possible solutions.


We’ve heard your initial ideas and we’re getting excited about what we can do with them. We’ve agreed what needs to be done, so now we sit down with you and your stakeholders to tease out the detail behind the pitch.

InvestigationDetailed research into your competitors and exploring various solutions are all part of our process


Chances are your new web project will have competition at launch. We research it's place in the market and together decide what’s key to give you the competitive edge. Potential bottlenecks later on in the project get spotted and circumvented.

SpecificationThe plan, we work together to produce a simple document outlining all requirements, key performance indicators and deliverables


This is where we nail down what you’re getting and what it will return. We itemise this research, your product and the key performance indicators (KPIs) we’ll use to gauge success.

02. Development Cycle

DesignWireframes and designs built around your users needs to solve your business problems.


Our designers build upon this research and your users’ needs to design your product. Ideas about the look and feel get reviewed as visuals. More complex interactions and processes are best gauged as working prototypes built in html, CSS and Javascript.

DevelopmentThe code you dont see is just as importante as the designs and we work to ensure it performs as highly as possible to delivery the best possible solution.


Behind the scenes, we begin to make the designs work. As these underlying mechanics get put in place we share progress with you, letting you test early and often.


Time to validate those design and development assumptions. Business logic is put through its paces. Designs get shrunk and stretched across as many screens and devices as your audience uses.

03. Launch

Going liveThe moment of truth as we see all our combined work pay off

Going live

Now we make your project public. We leave the champagne uncorking to you, whilst we check the last details are in place. Backup and monitoring services are started, links re-routed and data gathered.

Looking ForwardGoing live is just the beginning, for the moment of launch we will be planning the next steps to take your product forward into the future.

Looking Forward

Going live is only day one. We continue the support and collaboration through those all-important first months and years, making sure your goals are not only met but exceeded.