What a Spectre-cle!

Unsurprisingly, the latest Bond film Spectre is already taking social media by storm and is due to hit cinemas this week. It promises to be the usual hot pot of quips, sinister villains, car chases and gunfights that are hard to resist, at least for us that is!

This is rumoured to be Sam Mendes last shot at Bond, although fan boys and girls are still hoping for a trilogy based on the strength of Skyfall alone. Although the first 16 Bond films shared a mere five directors between them, often on successive films, since 1995’s Goldeneye it’s been a bit more like director’s musical chairs. The only thing we really know though, is that if Mendes does make another film after Spectre, the title surely has to begin with an ‘S’. We’ve been with the same director here at Ecce Media for over a decade now and we’ve gone from strength to strength, so it’s definitely a formula we’d recommend.

There’s been plenty to whet our Bondish appetites during the build up, but as techy types, we’re especially pleased to see Ben Whishaw returning as the young Q, poised with the deep sighs, scepticism and cutting remarks that anyone who has called in to our offices towards the end of the day may find more than a little familiar.

There’s definitely kit we’d like to get our hands on too. Namely the Aston Martin DB10, a car limited to a run of ten units, all of which will be used in the film rather than sold. We can feel one of those deep sighs coming on. Did Q just say 0-60 in 3.2 seconds? Even with that kind of speed at our disposal, we’re still not sure we’d find a parking space in the Otford car park during school drop off.

It also looks like Bond girls have been firmly replaced by Bond women. Monica Belluci seems a likely 'victim' - the person who usually starts out against Bond, but helps his cause in a moment of weakness only to pay the price. Our apprentice can probably sympathise. And Lea Seydoux, who we last saw as a cold and calculating killer in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, seems unlikely to be the type to take any Mi5 misogyny, something our male-dominated office should maybe consider before putting in that lidless toilet as part of the new interior layout.

And then of course we have Christoph Waltz’s maniacal villain, uttering the great line "it was me, I am the author of all your pain."Again, our apprentice can probably sympathise.

So it’s certainly looking good, and everything seems to have been put together perfectly for a timely rollout in October. And that’s something we can certainly appreciate.