Weekly Geek Critique Vol.38

Google’s Week of Surprises

This week saw Google’s   io2013  conference dominate all the technology headlines. A hotly anticipated time of year for all us techies and Google’s big opportunity to   showcase their latest innovations  to the world. Amongst the whirlwind of keynote speeches, we met: {endsummary}

  • Google Play Music All Access  – a new music streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify
  • New Google+  – redesigning their social media platform to include over 40 new features and adding superb new functionality for Google+ photos
  • New Google Maps  – transforming their maps tool into a new personalised interface offering advance imagery (including underwater), live 3D mapping and more
  • Google Play Games  –a cloud gaming service enabling users to save their progress on one device and continue playing on another device
  • Android Studio  – an integrated developer environment for the Android developer community
  • Google Play Education  – a new division of their Play store providing educational apps aimed at school age children
  • Google Hangouts  – consolidating their existing real-time conservation apps Google Talk, Google Voice and Google+ Hangouts into one service

There were also   three new API’s  for our   web developers  to get their teeth into: Fused Location Provider, Geofencing API and the Activity Recognition API. But that’s not all and thankfully TheNextWeb have compiled a   full list of Google’s announcements  to read and digest. It will take time for many of these new apps to filter across the UK but one thing is certain, Google are taking over the world!

Facebook & Yahoo Want Tumblr

We recently reported the details of   Yahoo acquiring Summly  and Marissa Mayer’s ambition to fly the flag for “summarisation technology.” Merely a few weeks later and their attention has already switched to   Tumblr  with   Yahoo willing to spend millions  on bringing the blogging platform on board, in hopes of echoing Google’s success with Blogger. The rumours in   Silicon Valley  hint at a competitive last minute bid from   Facebook  following their success with buying   Instagram  . In the middle of all this sit Tumblr, who continue to enjoy   117 million visitors a month  and don’t look fussed either way!

UK Dominate Social Media Customer Care

Businesses recognise that their customer base can be served   quicker and more cost-effectively  via   social media  than traditional methods, which has led to many companies setting up dedicated customer services Twitter handles. Thankfully, it looks as though the   UK is leading the way  with   Tesco  winning ‘best performing brand in social customer care’ awarded by   socialbakers  following their Socially Devoted research.   Vodafone  and   o2  came second and third respectively, making for an all British top three. Well done chaps!

Samsung promise 5G

While the most of the UK is still   waiting for 4G  , South Korean firm   Samsung  announced this week that they have developed 5G. As soon as 2020, they believe consumers will be able to experience   mobile broadband  more than 1Gbit/sec which is “up to a   hundred times  faster” than current 4G capabilities. It’s a promising sign but a lot can happen in 7 years!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a busy, productive week & have a fun-filled weekend ahead!