Website Vs App

Having an online presence is important for any company. But now is the tough decision. Should you be developing a website or an App? The deciding factor comes to what your end goals are.

Websites are always available.

They are available across a range of devices such as desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Whereas Apps need to be downloaded to the devices via the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Websites upgrade instantly.

Updates to a website will be visible to all devices immediately. Tools such as Wordpress or Craft allows anyone to create new content, layouts or even designs. These can be pushed live without the need for recoding or the additional costs by engaging a development company.

On the other hand if you have an App there are at least two versions to update, an Apple and an Android version. These will need to be cleared by the App store (which can take several days) and then customers need to download them.

Websites have a greater reach capability 

By being accessible across multiple platforms, your websites can be shared across users and search engines. This means that you are more likely to have a greater reach capability. Apps can also be used on different devices, however, there is an increased cost and more time needed to develop the capability.

Users can't delete your Website

An average user keeps an App on their device for about 30 days. Websites, on the other hand, can’t be deleted permanently offline by the user.

Almost an App!

Websites can be developed (through responsive design) to become focus driven web applications which work like apps, a practical alternative without all the extra fuss and expensive overheads.

Efficient and Cost Effective

If you need a presence on different platforms then having a website is definitely more cost-effective and efficient in the long run. After the initial App development, the costs don't stop there. This is because Apps have continuous upgrades, testing, compatibility issues and ongoing development.

When can Apps be a good idea?

  • Personalisation - An App that you know will be used regularly or to print a photo of your kids to send to the grandparents. Think Instagram.
  • Using users functionality - When you need to access the user's camera. I.e. filters for Snapchat.
  • When no connection is needed - When you need to provide offline content and functions for your users.
  • Interactive/ gaming - Think guilty pleasure or something you simply can't stop playing in order to beat your mate's score!
  • Calculations or reports - Something which will allow users to manipulate complex calculations.

The Verdict

It’s not an easy decision, but if you don't need the functionality of the phone such as a camera, start with a website. Test the water and see what the response is like, engage with your users. It’s the most cost-effective exercise, prove you have a winning idea and business case and then look at developing an App.