Quick ideas to expand your social reach

To get people sharing your product to large audiences it is worth considering offering free products to carefully selected people in the hope they will share them with their audience. You could try to target:

  1. Instagram or Twitter users who are relevant to your business

       a) Professional or amatear photographers

       b) Choose a relevant industry word for example “retro” for @Retrolaboratory and find an account which has a link to that specific word.

           These are the examples I found.

       c) Accounts with large numbers of followers

       d) People who regularly show off/advertise products

2. Businesses that could use your products in their posts

       a) Jewelers (selection of pics of people wearing the range)

       b) Stylists/Hairdressers (show off their top clients latest dos/styles)

       c) Arts and Crafts

       d) Retro Products

       e) Designer Clothes

3. Select local business - Offer a free product to get them in return for sharing and tagging you on Instagram / Twitter.

4. Consumers with a competition- for example you could ask consumers to like/retweet/follow you for a chance to win a product for free.

Keep in mind that Social Media won’t grow automatically you have to put some time and effort in but it will happen! 

So these are some of my tips and tricks if you have any questions or want any help please get in touch fiona@eccemedia.com