Our Top 10 Technological Thrillers

With the latest Bond movie bashing its way to the top trends on social media recently, we thought we’d give some thought to some technological cinematic outings that made us reach for the off switch. Technology has always been something that society has been slightly suspicious of, and we’re no exception. Here’s ten reasons why!


A young boy is arrested by the U.S Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. Years later, he and a bunch of hacker friends discover a plot to unleash a devastating super-virus, and pit their skills against the genius behind it. Or Monday, as we like to call it.


With one of the best opening scenes ever, techno-thievery blasts its way into the noughties and even attempts to make it sexy with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. John Travolta steals the show as the secretive, renegade counter-terrorist who recruits the world’s greatest hacker to steal billions of dirty government money to finance his operations, because Kickstarter hadn’t been invented in 2001.

War Games

A film so iconic, even Captain America has seen it, as we learn in Winter Soldier. Matthew Broderick, building on his mad hacker skills from changing his school grades in Ferris Bueller, starts playing ‘global thermonuclear war’ with a computer, after finding it in the secure databanks of a ‘toy’ company. Imagine playing the Beta version of Battlefield Hardline, then turning on the news to find out you’ve destroyed Las Vegas, and you pretty much get the idea.


A computer hacker is drawn into a digital world he created and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the aid of his own heroic security program. Or Friday, as we like to call it.

The Matrix

Another hacker (spotted the trend yet?) learns about the true nature of his reality from mysterious rebels, who tell of his role in the war against the controllers of the mysterious matrix. This is basically how most people still view the internet, and frankly that code is all over the place. Or should we say….everywhere!

Die Hard 4.0

How do you make Die Hard into a technological thriller? By slapping an update number on it like it’s your latest piece of Apple software. John McClane joins forces with a...wait for it….hacker, in order to take down a cyber terrorist who has kidnapped his daughter. This doesn’t happen in Otford so much, but agencies in Medway have to deal with this kind of thing all the time, honest.

The Social Network

Okay, maybe not a thriller, but we were bound to pay attention to a film where the anti-social, nerd-like techy genius makes millions by inventing a way to be social without going outside or actually seeing other human beings. The stereotype is real people, it’s real.

The Italian Job (2003)

These days, you can’t just pull off a heist with three Mini Coopers. You need three Mini Coopers and a computer. Chris from Family Guy helps Mark Wahlberg’s crew get back at the man who betrayed them and killed their mentor by creating an enormous traffic jam in Los Angeles. Not Turin. Not Michael Caine. It didn’t blow our doors off, put it that way, but there is an obligatory shot of Charlize Theron in a bra.


Robert Redford and his gang of tech and security specialists, including Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier find themselves double-crossed by the CIA, and must do what comes naturally to clear their name. Reminds us of a few client meetings, and we can neither confirm nor deny our new office layout is based on theirs.


A film so twisted and topsy turvy, no number of screenings will help you understand it fully. So it’s a bit like Java in that way.