NHS Bespoke Event Management System

"I'm glad we worked with Ecce to implement a tailored system for our bespoke event management requirements, they understand our business and provide very helpful ideas and support ." - James Pegg, Health Education England, NHS

The NHS required a delegate management system to facilitate their staff training programme. This includes arranging training events and assessment panels for junior doctors. These events and panels involve booking venues, speakers, panel members, inviting delegates and interviewees, tracking attendance, and reporting outcomes. 

These events range from single and multi-day conferences, involving hundreds of delegates, to small specialist assessment panels involving a few panel members and trainees.

The Challenge / Objectives 

To build a customisable system for staff to set up events including, creating specific time slots, confirm attendance, and send out follow up surveys etc. They needed a central system to streamline training and certification of staff.

The technical challenge was to build a system robust enough to deal with all of the constantly changing variables. NHS staff and Doctors need to login to process the booking of their place, whilst in the background, the system must manage all the event calendars and ensure no double booking occurs.

The Results

We launched on schedule and within budget, also providing training for team members and continue to do so.

The Impact

The platform has been live for over a year, saving the NHS time and money. Doctors can now manage their own training diaries effectively, a huge time saver for them. 

So far (as of November 2018) the system has processed 400 individual events, 55K event guests/invitees on the live system, and automatically sent over 150K emails with over 170 active management users on the system.

We host and manage the system and every quarter meet with the informatics team to discuss feedback, and plan dates and enhancements. This project has been so successful that the website has been rolled out to more teams who continue to communicate with us suggesting new features and advancements.

“Ecce has developed a management system to suit the needs of a number of event types for all of our events. They have been extremely helpful in ensuring the system is as user-friendly as possible, supporting us and continuing to develop and improve the system.” - Hester Blackwell Green, Health Education England