My Apprenticeship

Hi I’m Fi, the latest & greatest design apprentice at Ecce Media. Ever since completing my A levels I have been looking to get into the creative & design industry. Finding a suitable apprenticeship would be a great way to both, work in, as well as learn, my chosen profession.

To get my apprenticeship I didn't go through the usual application process or use any service providers. I made sure I had a better chance of finding a great opportunity by getting in touch with design agencies directly myself. Ecce Media responded with an interest, saying they were looking to take on a new apprentice the following year. When they offered me the position, it a was an easy choice to make rather than contemplating Uni.

Whilst I have only been part of the team for five months, I have had the chance to work on lots of interesting projects, with great businesses both local and international from all sorts of industries.This has given me the chance to develop and show off my skills, to my colleagues and clients alike. Even though I am “just” the apprentice, I have been given responsibility for Ecce Media’s social accounts and am building up a pretty good following. Apart from that it’s not all about making the tea and coffee or answering the phone, I have been out speaking to several local schools and colleges about my experience as an apprentice.

Being in an apprenticeship I am  learning all types of skills and experiences that I wouldn't get at University. (Except from the tea and coffee, I already had that figured out).

As part of my apprenticeship I have expected coursework to complete. Luckily for me I can do all my work online. This means that my work at Ecce Media isn't disrupted nor do I miss out on our weekly Friday BBQs & team outings.

So having an apprenticeship at Ecce Media has opened all sorts of opportunities for me. Working on client work with the team and being an active contributor has given me confidence in what I do and seeing my work live in real life situations is very rewarding.