Monday Motivation

It’s slightly ironic that we had to turn to what is trending to find some inspiration for our blog post this morning, but when we saw the #MondayMotivation plug, we knew we were onto something.

You must know the feeling? That slightly sleepy, almost zombie-like shuffle into the office on the first day of the week. You possibly skipped breakfast, or you’re dragging it with you to the conference room for that dreaded weekly woe, the Monday morning meeting. You’re already thinking about lunch, and you have a mid-week deluge to get through before the next weekend is in the offing. You’re mind is hardly set on the tasks you’ll be tackling in the week ahead, and you’re secretly hoping that the boss starts by asking somebody else for their rundown, just so you have a chance to warm the braincells up beforehand.

It all sounds too familiar right? But is there anything we can do to change our miserable Mondays into marvellous ones? Well yes, apparently there is! These five steps should not only be able to get you going, but also your week too!

  • Be an early bird. Get to work earlier than usual and you’re already ahead. Make a list of priorities for the week and start making plans as to how you’ll go about achieving them. You’ll be able to hit that meeting running!
  • Be goal orientated. Get into the habit of setting yourself a weekly goal. Once you get going, you should also take a little time to reflect on how your previous week’s goal turned out, and what you might do differently if you struggled.
  • Be the meeting maker. If the rest of your team are still bleary-eyed, now’s the time to take advantage of their open calendars at the beginning of the week. The same goes for clients. Set up your schedule for the week ahead and get face-to-face with key team members and customers as often as possible.
  • Be appreciative. Every Monday, choose somebody to simply say thank you to. Congratulate a job well done, advice given, or milestone achieved. It goes a long way.
  • Be challenged. Every week comes with its new challenges to face. Take them on, but not before taking a moment to think about the potential problems and how you’ll solve them. Get the solutions in motion on Monday!

We know. You’re not a morning person. We get it, neither are we. But these five steps could help make our Mondays a bit more manageable at the very least. The start of your week should be exactly that, a start to your vision, the beginning of your goals, and a fresh step forward!