Help, here comes the heatwave!

We’ve all seen the news and checked the forecast. The weather has thought it would really shake up Wimbledon this year by having a heatwave in the first week. This coming Wednesday could see temperatures in the mid 30s, and it’s not something we’re looking forward to. As designers, we could maybe be accused of being slightly sunshine challenged as it is, preferring to peer at our Mac screens in darkened rooms rather than streaming sunlight, but it gets worse. With the current building work going on at The Old Printworks, we’re all sharing that same dark room upstairs. It’s already like an oven, but It’s going to get hotter!

So we’re getting prepared. A good defense is the best offense as we all know. Here are our hot tips of how not to feel the heat this summer!

  • Water. Keep well supplied with water in order to keep hydrated. Drink it, splash it on your face, and if you can get away with it, take off your shoes and soak your feet in it to keep cool. Nobody will mind you using the washing up bowl, honest.
  • USB Fans. We had to have at least one techy tip didn’t we? USB fans are cheap and widely available, and you’re cooling comfort is only limited by the number of USB ports you have!
  • Pull the blinds. See, we knew sitting in the dark was the way to go. Turning off the lights and shutting out the sun will help keep things cool, and save energy. What’s not to like?
  • Go downstairs. Remember, hot air rises, so if you’re upstairs like we are, head downstairs once in a while to get a whiff of a refreshing breeze and enjoy some school room science at the same time.
  • Don’t feed the fire. Keep an eye on what you eat. We often automatically head for ice cream, crisp cold salads and light bites when we’re feeling the heat, but the effect it temporary. As we’re homeothermic, as in we regulate our own body temperature, we react differently to different foods. Cold foods can actually cool us too rapidly, and our bodies can compensate by raising our core temperature. At the same time, spicy food raises our internal temperatures to match the outside. Circulation increases and we start sweating, eventually cooling down. It’s called gustatory facial sweating. Sounds fun doesn’t it? But then again, we’re never ones to say no to a curry.
  • Take it outside. If appropriate, suggest you take your meetings outside, or at least take your lunch there. Again, it gets your circulation up and you get a good dose of vitamin D at the same time. Both will help you cool off and feel better.

 And if none of this works, there is one last alternative to consider. You can always ask your boss if you can go early or for some summer hours...then you can cool down in their cold, hard stare! Or go for a swim in a lake Brant.