Great Apps to help monitor and grow your Social following

There are now thousands of apps on the app store and online. These include tracking apps and apps surrounded around the use of social media. I use apps as way of keeping track of our Social Media following without having to put hundreds of hours into it. So I thought I’d share some of the ones I use.

  1. Crowdfire is great to use for tracking who's following you or unfollowing you. This also shows you who your loyal fans are. Please note that due to the most recent instagram guidelines, using this for instagram is more difficult unless you pay a fee.
  2. You can also use an app called “later”. After you’ve been posting for a while this shows you the best time to post to reach the maximum amount of your customers.
  3. Twitter also measures the likes and impressions on your posts so you can see what posts got the most amount of interest. You can use this information to create more posts which you know that your followers or potential consumer will be interested in.
  4. Thanks to the new instagram update you can post a video or picture update each day to show your consumers what's currently happening in your business. This tool I would recommend using daily as this can create a personal touch to your followers and make them feel excited to see whats next. This therefore will help your business to create a loyal fan/follower base.
  5. Spruce is another great app to use. As it is shown that tweets with images have 150% more chance of getting retweeted, which could be great exposure for your business. Spruce enables you to pick a public image or one of your own to put text on top and post straight away for free! So what would you have to lose?

Here I have focused on free apps and tools to get you started. As I wouldn't go ahead paying a lot for apps which you havent research of had a free trial of. As this may cost you money with no overwhelming change to your social media following. If you have any questions please get in touch with me at Follow Ecce for more tips and tricks to come.