Google Glass and QR code madness

Google glass; the wearable computer has had many issues and concerns with privacy and security from release, there has been a lot of discussions on the web regarding if the new gadget is safe and secure. However recently many developers have got their hands on a pair and have found ways to open Glass and do more things than Google may have wanted. In April Jay Freeman (saurik) rooted Glass, this meant any unauthorized software could be installed onto the device which enabled the ability of third-party tools.

One of the issues with this is how open it makes the wearable computer. If Google does not have control over what can be installed on the hardware then how will the device certainly remain secure?

Marc Rogers, long-time threat intelligence expert and current Principal Security Researcher at Lookout Mobile Security used Malicious QR codes to perform automated tasks. Google Glass does not require any application or software to read and run the QR codes, in fact when an image is taken of a QR code the contents is initialized. This allowed Rogers to expose the dangers of the feature to Google.

“There are some issues with Glass, we can’t actually talk about what they are – responsible disclosure – we’re working with Google to fix it,” Rogers told SlashGear.

Google quickly and quietly patched the QR issue, however the question still remains. What loopholes will developers find next in the gadget?

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