So it's Black Friday!

So this week it's Black Friday! This is the day retailers have been preparing for over the last few months, with the final chance of increasing their profits just before Christmas.

However it wasn’t until just recently that we adopted Black Friday in the UK. It was typically a popular shopping event which occurred every year in America after Thanksgiving. Thanks Amazon!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown year on year. This year companies aren’t even waiting until Friday to release their biggest deals of the year! For example, Amazon started theirs on the 14th of November, and they aren’t alone.

A few examples include:

  1. - 18th of November.
  2. - 21st of November
  3. - 23rd of November

Some companies are also trying different ideas to set them apart from their competitors in the run up for Black Friday. These include: - Nobodys Child, a clothing company, are encouraging their customers via email, to comment on social media posts to recieve immediate discounts! This is a great strategy in the run up to Friday and also driving traffic to their social media. - Topman have been releasing daily clothing deals building up the momentum to Friday's event as well as having a well-designed retro gaming theme to drive interest into their sale. - Apple haven’t released anything as of yet except a mysterious email linking to Friday’s event, adding to the the near fever pitch interest in any sales.

Black Friday is a great way to drive traffic to your site & potential sales via social media. If you would like to get in touch about a website or for social media advice please contact us.