10 Signs you need a new website


You hear about responsive designs all the time and for a very good reason. It's not just a trend but a new standard in which all websites should be built. There are hundreds of devices and different screen sizes upon which your website can be viewed, responsive design aims to cater for these.

Unable to update your website content yourself

Being able to update your website is important to keep it fresh and current, as well as engaging your customers. There are many different online content management systems (CMS) which allow you to update your content yourself easily without any external help. Building websites you can manage yourself are one of our specialities, so feel free to contact us for a quote.

Loading takes what seems like years.

It's important that your website loads quickly, we as humans have short attention spans and so it's essential that your website engages the customer as soon as possible. Search engines rank your website on download speed, a slow site will damage how far up up the results page you are.

Your search isn't optimized

Your business's goal is to be able to sell. So being found online needs to be one of your top priorities. Accessing your website is how your customers find crucial information, such as how to contact you, how to purchase your products, and what your business does. If you can only see your competition in the search results - you need to do something about it.

Doesn't link to social media accounts

An online presence is more important now than ever. Sharing and engaging with your audience on multiple platforms allows you to not only grow your audience but to let them know that your’s exists. It’s as easy as including the links on your website, allowing your customers exactly where to find you and keep them up to date.

High bounce rates

Its great when you have a high level of visitors to your website, however having a high bounce rate is not so good. This can be improved by creating valuable content, targeting keywords, and having a calls to action.

You like your competitors website more

We’ve all been there, forever looking at our competitors website wondering why it wasn't your own. But you're better than that, their site may be easy to navigate, or even nicer to look at but you still have time to up your web game! Having a solid website is part of keeping your business successful. Updating your website's functionality and design will stop your business from falling behind the pack.

Your brand has outgrown your website

Having a website is the best ways to increase your businesses success. Creating a great online presence is important. There are new ways for people to contact you and purchase your products. Implementing updates to your website will ensure that you don't hold your business back from growing.

Your website is still built in FLASH

This is another extinct trend - most browsers won’t even display it by default. There is no longer a benefit to having this introduction on your website, with most people choosing to skip it anyway. Plus they don’t work on mobiles & tablets.

Your website's tiny

Websites now are big, with amazing photography. So if you website is only 800 pixels wide, there's no need for it too be so small with all the breathing space your website can have! Tiny websites look dated, space out your content and allow your users to view your website without feeling like they should have gone to specsavers.

Here to help

Ecce is an award winning design and development agency. If you feel your website is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, please give us a call and find out how we can help.