The Weekly Geek Critique Vol 1

New Social Media Platforms Introduced: Medium & Branch

The chaps behind Twitter, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, announced that they are working on two revolutionary social media platforms; Medium and Branch. The concept behind both platforms is that it will help users sift quickly through web content to find what’s interesting, useful, and relevant whilst creating and publishing their own.


Think Pinterest + Stumble, with a dash of Digg

In their own words, Medium combines “everything we’ve learned in the last 13 years and the needs of today’s world” by inviting users to collect and publish stories, photos and ideas around a theme or template. And then, if they want to, users can comment, give feedback and “like” what they’ve seen.



Think Twitter mixed with Quora

By their own admission, “the internet is dominated by monologues” and Branch is set to become an online “home for dialogues” by allowing users to share their views, ask questions, start a debate or simply reminisce around a set theme or ‘branch’ if you will.


Microsoft Launch New Logo

Microsoft unveiled its new logo this week, which they say is a prelude to “the most significant wave of product launches” in its 37 year history. Their logo is meant to signify a new beginning for the company, and takes inspiration from their product designs whilst “drawing upon the heritage of our brand values, fonts and colours.”  It certainly seems inline with the design decisions made in the recently re-launched

McDonalds are praised for their "Our Food, Your Questions" social media campaign

Across the pond, Canadians were given free rein to ask absolutely anything about McDonald’s food on a specially created social media website, and boy, they didn’t hold back. Questions included “Are chicken nuggets really made from leftovers” “How can you afford to sell your food so cheaply” and “What is the secret Big Mac sauce”. The latter question prompted McDonald’s to make a video demonstrating the exact process behind the Big Mac sauce, a video which is currently just shy of 2 million views of YouTube. Aside from the time taken to respond to each and every question, and the cost of making 7 videos, McDonalds have managed to make a huge impression, whilst dispelling a few McMyths, without spending the earth. Impressive!

Twitter Cut Off Tumblr

Twitter’s new company privacy guidelines could well have been written just for Tumblr’s benefit as the former attempts to cut off the latter. Put simply, those who’d recently signed up to Tumblr used to have the option to detect which of their Twitter friends also uses Tumblr’s service. This feature was obviously powered by the data Twitter has gathered on you; data that Twitter now finds too valuable to share. In response to Twitter cutting off Tumblr’s “Find Friends” app, Tumblr played the nostalgia card as they publicly reminisced about their history together and reminding everyone that their syndication feature “is responsible for hundreds of millions of tweets”.  Ouch! Read the whole story.

Facebook Launch its new iPhone and iPad applications

With their latest apps for Apples phones & tablets Facebook have ditched HTML 5 and returned to using native iOS. The main reason? To speed things up for their users. According to a blog post by Facebook’s engineers “people expect a fast, reliable experience and our iOS app was falling short”.
But what does that mean for the HTML5 vs. native App debate? CEO of Socialize Daniel Odio reckons it means you should only go to HTML5 for your app if the mobile channel isn't important to your business (or if you have no desire to be an innovator on mobile)

Bootstrap 2.0 Launched by Twitter

To mark its first birthday, Twitter have revamped their popular front-end toolkit Bootstrap, and added a couple of neat new features. We've already cloned it and first impressions are good. The new submenus on drop downs are a welcome addition to the kit, and it’s nice to see the default font-size has been scaled up from 13px to 14px. Take a look yourself.

Ecce Media’s Pin of the Week

This glass house is just a concept, but we love the idea that it provides all your home comforts, whilst giving you the sense of being outdoors and “at one” with nature. Just imagine the bill from the window cleaners!


Photoshoot at Ecce Media

Professional photographer (and client) Pixel8Pictures popped in to the office this week to take some photos of the team. We’re yet to see the finished results, but here’s a preview of our Lead Developer, Carl:


Have a great bank holiday weekend from all at Ecce Media!