Teamwork brings telecoms website to market

When Orpington business, Telecoms World, wanted to showcase their new range of non-geographic 08 and 03 phone numbers, they turned to Bromley web developers Ecce Media.

Individuals and businesses around the UK can now choose non-geographic 08 and 03 phone numbers more easily, thanks to the intuitive search tool on the new website developed by Ecce Media for Telecoms World.

The telecoms company offers tens of thousands of non-geographic numbers, more than any other business in the UK.

Companies use non-geographic numbers when they want to present a national presence, for continuity when moving premises, and when they don’t want to advertise a mobile number but do want to accept calls on the move.

Neil Barrall, Managing Director of Telecoms World said: “Non-geographic numbers give a professional impression to callers, even when the inbound call is diverted to a mobile.”

The 08 range includes 0800 freephone numbers that can increase enquiries by up to 300%, 0845 numbers charged at local rate from a BT landline, and 0844 or 0871 revenue-sharing numbers commonly used by call centres and technical helplines. 

Often known as ‘freephone for mobile numbers’, the 03 range includes 0333 for businesses, 0300 and 0303 for charities and 0344, 0345, 0370 and 0371 migration numbers for those switching from the equivalent 08 range. 

The 03 range was introduced by Ofcom in 2007 because of the unfairness to consumers of paying up to 40p a minute to call an 0800 number from a mobile when the same number is free to call from a landline, especially when mobiles are commonly used at home by low-income families.

Neil said: “03 non-geographic numbers are charged at the same rate as dialling 01 or 02 geographic numbers. As they are included in the caller’s ‘free minutes’ package, calls may even be free. What’s more, there are no rebates allowed with 03 numbers, which give confidence to callers”.

Telecoms World phone numbers are categorised into different price points depending on how memorable they are. As well as phone numbers, the business provides a range of other standard services that can be bought and managed online by their customers. Their expert personnel will also build bespoke telecoms solutions on request.

Telecoms World needed a platform to showcase their new numbers. They also wanted to add functionality to their website, and improve its overall look and feel. They chose Ecce Media as the right team for the job.

Established in 1999, Ecce Media is a web development agency with a proven track record in designing, developing and delivering highly functional websites.  Its in-house software development team is continually evolving and improving the most current technologies and services.

The two companies collaborated to implement the new web design and develop the required functionality, while maintaining the existing brand identity.

Launched in January, customers are finding the new website is simple and easy to use, and Telecoms World have received twice the usual number of enquiries.

Brant McNaughton of Ecce Media explained: "This was an interesting project – we had to cater for legacy data from two previous versions of the site; automate many manual behind-the-scene processes, and build a number sorting algorithm. All this had to work with our in-house developed CMS, giving the Telecoms World guys a greater ability to manage the site content themselves. "

Neil said: “As part of our belief in keeping it local, we like to source suppliers from within the Bromley Borough whenever possible. It’s great to work with people who are practically on our doorstep. When sourcing new suppliers, we would recommend that other businesses also look locally first.”

Telecoms World Marketing Manager Sam Diamond said: “The new website has saved us time, boosted our bottom-line and our customers love it. What’s more, we are bringing new products and services to market in 2012 and beyond, so we will depend on Ecce Media and other local businesses to develop the site even further in future.”

Incorporated in 2002, Orpington-based Telecoms World is the UK’s leading supplier of inbound call solutions for non-geographic 08/03 numbers. They are an independent company and manage over 10,000 phone numbers across the UK. Their clients range from sole traders to national organisations such as the NHS and Adidas.

Source: Newsshopper