6 Becomes 7

After just welcoming our new front-end developer Liam, we now introduce our new Back-end developer. Meet Ryan.

What's your Job at ecce?

Senior Full Stack Developer

What do you do day to day at ecce?

Develop solutions for a wide range of clients using a multitude of technologies.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Can't believe I'm admitting this but, Gossip Girl.

What new trends, podcasts, TV shows, films do you recommend to look into?

Everyone should take a look into Star Trek Discovery - the new Star Trek series on Netflix soon. It’s going to be incredible.

What will finally break the internet?

Unfortunately, I think it will be a death. Either The Queen or David Attenborough passing away will 100% break the internet.

Anything you haven't told us about?

I have a keen interest in finance - personal finance, stocks & shares, how the markets work etc.