Beebo - our email marketing platform to get a new lease of life

As a web design agency the vast majority of our development work is client driven. However, by-products of this work are the applications we develop to help fulfil the clients’ brief in a more efficient manner.

Some of these products include:

  • The Management - our in-house Content Management System (CMS).
  • Ensemble - our ecommerce engine.
  • - our URL shortening tool.

All were born out of the need to provide a service or solution, whilst at the same time giving us more flexibility to cater for our customers growing and evolving requirements.

Beebo (, Ecce Media’s own email & text message campaign platform is such an application. It first saw light in early 2003, originally designed to send emails & text messages on specific dates, it was effectively a reminder service (perfect for kiwi lads that were always forgetting Mothers & Fathers Day back home). This was adopted by a local dental surgery, rebranded as "TheAps" and is still in use today. The core messaging system evolved to be able send out bulk messages - ideal for the email marketing requirements of our clients. A rudimentary API was also created so that clients could send & receive SMS messages to their staff or customers via their PC desktops.

Over the past six years there has been little more than an updated design, some improved reporting and a reluctant name change. Beebo was changed to Beebo Marketing (after being inundated with calls from irate parents and pervert hunting police officers confusing the site with - the grand-daddy of the social networking scene). During this time the system has sent nearly 5 million emails & over 500,000 SMS messages, with users and recipients across the globe. Small potatoes when compared to the big providers in the market - but we believe our service, ongoing deliverability, ROI and innovative pricing model is what keeps Beebo attractive to our clients.

With the pace of web development today, clients’ needs have changed inline with the dramatic changes in the marketing & internet landscape. It’s as a result of these new business challenges and improved web technologies we are undertaking a complete rebuild & relaunch the Beebo system.

It’s not a case of re-inventing the wheel, there’s a lot of ideas from the “old” Beebo that will provide the groundwork.  Our monthly 5% Fridays have been awash with new ideas, proof of concepts & eureka moments - with more and more seeming a good fit for incorporation into the new email delivery system. There are also some ideas which are not currently available in other commercial emailing systems. Together with rewriting the underlying code base there will also be a new pricing structure. The project scope has been written and rewritten, the budget allocated & roles assigned. This project will be scheduled in & around client work; and some customers have already thrown their wish-lists into the ring. If you have specific email marketing requirements please get in touch.

Work begins in earnest this month so stay tuned for our development diary ...