a1m.at Logo Design Tutorial

We have recently given our a1m.at logo a fresh look with a needed makeover. So we've decided to show you guys the design process behind the new design. We hope you like the tutorial.


Font Used: Ronaldo

Here’s what we will be creating:


Step 1 Background:

Lets set the stage by creating a document that’s 4500px wide by 3000px high.

Draw a radial gradient from white to grey.


Step 2 The Text:

Type "a1m.at" or your slogan; place it just off Centre of the screen.


Step 3:

Apply the following layer blending settings


Step 4:

Now you should have some that looks like this, although I'm not keen on the square bullet point. I want this to be a rounded one - so lets change this


Step 5:

Create a new layer, grab the ellipse tool and drag out a circle 85px by 85px.

Tip: Hold down the Shift key to keep perfect aspect ratio when drawing shapes!


Step 6:

Now right-click on your text you have just typed and select "copy layer style", now select the circle layer you have just made and right-click and select "paste layer style". This will now take on the same form as your text.

Now seeing as we wont be editing the text layer any more for this tutorial we need to rasterize it. Before you do, I recommend duplicating it and placing it within a group folder so you have an editable back up.

So go ahead and rasterize your text by right clicking on the layer and selecting the option, now grab your rectangle marquee tool and rubber-band the square point in your rasterized a1m.at text. Once you have this selected hit the delete button - making sure you have the correct layer selected.

Now move the 85px x 85px point over where the square point was so it looks like the image below:


Step 7:

Now we will create the shadow and reflection below the text. So grab your circular marquee tool and create a thin oval just beneath the text.


Step 8:

Apply a Gaussian blur filter with the settings below to your shadow layer. Reduce the opacity of the layer down to 45%.


Step 9:

To create the reflection you need to duplicate the layer by right clicking > duplicate layer. Now select the duplicated layer and click edit > transform > flip horizontally. Now drag this layer down so the top of the text sits directly on the bottom of the original text layer like so:


Step 10:

Select the duplicated layer and hit the Quick Mask button. This will create a layer mask for that layer. Now grab the gradient tool and make sure you have black to transparent fade selected in the properties + drag up the screen with the tool.


Step 11 The Target:

Grab your ellipse tool and create a new layer. Now drag out a circle *Holding Shift* to create a shape 455px x 455px then Centre this to the screen. Fill it with the colour #be0000.


Step 12:

Apply the layer blending settings below to your newly created layer:


Step 13:

Now you have your created layer you can go ahead and create this into a smart object by right clicking > Convert to Smart Object. This will be your template for the different circular layers that make up the target. Then apply the following layer blending to your smart object:


You should now have something that looks like this:


Step 14 Red Rings:

Now select your smart object and duplicate it. With the newly duplicated layer select this using your Move Tool (Ctrl-V) and scale down to 355px x 355px and apply the following layer blending options to create the inner white circle:


Step 15 White Rings:

Duplicate the last layer again and scale down using your move tool holding the shift key to hold aspect ratio to 256px x 256px and Centre it. Apply the following layer blend settings:


Step 16:

Duplicate the previous white ringed layer and scale this down to the size of 159px x 159px and Centre this to the art board. Now duplicate the last red ringed layer and duplicate this, also scale this down to a size of 90px x 90px and Centre this on the art board.

Step 17:

You will now want to create the shadow of the target. This follows the same principle as what we done to the text. Create a new layer, select your ellipse marquee tool and drag out a flat oval + Gaussian blur to give it the feathered effect. Take a look back to refresh your memory on how we done it to the text. You should now have something similar to this:


Step 18:

With the completed target, this needs to be scaled down to 353px x 376px and placed just to the left of your slogans text. We also need to keep consistency of the reflection from the text. So. Lets add a reflection to the target the same way we done to the text. Create a duplicate layer > Move this below your original layer > Flip vertically > Apply a layer mask > Grab your gradient tool from black to transparent > Drag up the art board over your image to create reflection. Now you're done!



Hopefully this tutorial has given you an insight into layer masks / gradients / reflections and smart objects and can see how Photoshop can be a valuable tool to creating amazing graphics and logo concepts. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to leave any comments you have below.