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Drummer. Travel Lover. Mad Shopper

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Front-end Developer

Sci-fi fan, MMA enthusiast, comic book reader.

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Pig's Ear Lover. Foodie. Perpetual Moulter.


We have the expertise of a city agency but we choose to flex our development muscles in the scenic Kent countryside. Our design studio, The Old Printworks is nestled in the village of Otford in Sevenoaks, conveniently close by road or train.

Our door is always open to new clients who’d prefer that first talk in person over a tea or coffee (or sometimes a curry if you time it right).


Our Clients

Our team of expert designers and developers are only part of each project’s success: it also requires you. So, fair warning, if you choose to work with ecce. you’ll be contributing throughout. It’s how we like to work, and it’s how we achieve the best results.

Look over the work and results of our previous collaborations with clients big and small to judge for yourself.